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Team & Partners

Sheikha Dheya Bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa

Co-Founder and Chairperson

Leo Giacometto

Co-Founder and President

David Todd

Co-Founder and CEO

Song Pak

Senior Executive Advisor

Bob Schlicher

Chief Technology Officer

Nathan DiNiro

Senior Blockchain and Product Advisor

Jim Hallmark

Senior Advisor
Supply Chain Finance and Infrastructure Fund

Niels Skjoldager

Co-Founder and Digital  Transformation Strategy Leader

John Rose

John Rose

Senior Financial Advisor
Colbert Philippe

Colbert Philippe

Senior Cloud Engineer and Data Scientist
Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman

Senior Supply Chain & Technical Advisor

Chris Schofield

Chris Schofield

Senior Logistics Advisor

Our Strategic Partners

rfxcel logo

rfxcel Corporation

Founded in 2003, rfxcel is the first company to focus on the safety of the pharmaceutical supply chain and bring advanced track and trace software to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers. rfxcel’s mission is to be the thought leader in traceability technology and to enable customers to better manage their business today and deliver value tomorrow. rfxcel’s integrated track and trace software suite delivers better business outcomes and lowers supply chain costs. rfxcel is headquartered in the USA and has offices in the EU, Latin America, India, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region and Bahrain.

Kyriba Logo


Kyriba empowers CFOs and their teams to transform how they activate liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle for growth and value creation, while also protecting against financial risk. With 2,500 clients worldwide, including 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 25M payments processed on a daily basis, Kyriba’s pioneering Active Liquidity Network connects internal applications for treasury, risk, payments and working capital with vital external sources such as banks, ERPs, trading platforms, and market data providers. Based on a secure, highly scalable SaaS platform that leverages artificial and business intelligence, Kyriba enables thousands of companies worldwide to maximize growth opportunities, protect against loss from fraud and financial risk, and reduce costs through advanced automation.

Kyriba is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai and other major locations. For more information, visit

COX Group Logo

Cox Group

The Cox Group, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a Strategic Transportation and Logistics Organization whose early focus was on the US Government / DoD Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI) process of deploying and redeploying forces. Cox Group still enjoys a robust business in the defense transportation arena. In the 5th year of operation, Cox Group’s restaurant, Big Texas BBQ and Waffle House SPC, has become a vertically integrated cornerstone for Cox Group’s entry into food importing and distribution. Couple this with Cox Logistics’ Senior Management team members’ experience supplying perishable items into Liberia during the Ebola outbreak, running UN Operations throughout Africa and conducting linehaul operations in and out of every US base in Iraq, Cox Logistics’ is poised to integrate new technologies along a global supply chain which is inundated with biohazards, pathogenic hazards and manmade hazards in austere locations. Radford Cox, the owner, during his tenure as a field grade officer in the US Army, was one of the architects of the Trans Arabian Network (TAN) currently being used to move US Government cargo throughout the CENTCOM Region. Cox Logistics’ is one of two Prime Defense Contractors holding the 5-year US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) TAN Contract. Cox Logistics’ is your Farm, (Pharm), to Table partner for security and assurances.

MVC Global Logo

About MVC

MVC | The “Medical Value Chain”, a Bahrain W.L.L. company, is focused on ensuring product integrity and public safety throughout the pharmaceutical and medical supply chain. MVC is a strategic partnership between AVC Global, rfxcel corporation, and Sheikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa. The MVC Platform is the integration of the world’s leading track and trace system with a blockchain, designed for government and industry customers in the GCC to become compliant with pharmaceutical track and trace regulations.  It also provides real-time product awareness at every stage in the supply chain from original manufacture, all the way to the inventory and locations of all pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, within a country. Real-time situational awareness across the medical supply chain is vital for preparedness and response as the world addresses the Coronavirus, “COVID-19”. MVC’s state-of-the-art track and trace platform is available on Amazon Web Services Bahrain. www.MVC.Global

AVC Global Logo

About AVC Global

AVC Global, the parent company of MVC,  is a technology platform-of-platforms parent company for global supply chains and finance. The AVC platform is an intelligent and cohesive integration of cloud-based applications, ERP system to system integrations, track and trace, Fintech systems, and Blockchain.

The platform harnesses IoT sensors networks, Distributed Ledger Technology, and consensus governance to validate Smart Contracts, utilized in next-gen digital supply chain financing and cross-border financial settlement.  The platform enables value chain members to by-pass multiple layers of inefficiencies across supply chains and financial intermediaries in the process of buying, selling, and moving large volumes of pharmaceutical and agriculture and food products from origination to final use across a global network.

The platform creates the foundation for a new model and standards in supply chain networks by reducing friction points, transcending inefficient processes, and financial intermediaries. The platform is designed to reduce risk, increase cash flows, profit margins, and revenue for all platform hubs and nodes.  The platform dynamics reinvest in developing sustainable value chain infrastructures and ecosystems in the form of SMARTHUB and SMARTPASS networks designed for a new generation of regenerative and transparent, cross boarder supply, processing, logistics, and distribution systems that serve people, communities and markets better.  AVC Global is headquartered in Washington D.C., with offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain. www.AVC.Global