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The MVC Team


Her Highness Sheikha Dheya Bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa, is a member of the Bahraini Royal Family and is a prominent GCC entrepreneur who has built a reputed conglomerate with over 22 companies and joint-ventures in diverse verticals such as; corporate finance, real estate, oil & gas, food & agriculture,  and new technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, digital finance, and artificial intelligence. As a visionary entrepreneur, in 2001, Her Highness formed the Riyada Group and focused on nontraditional Gulf Cooperation Council markets. Through those business dealings with International private companies, she has formed stronger bilateral ties between Bahrain and dozens of countries around the world.


Her Highness has more than 20 years’ experience, cemented with expertise gathered as a result of being the founder of companies, as an Investor, and from her participation in numerous boards and committees for many private, public and governmental corporations. Her Highness is very involved in international activities and is a frequent keynote speaker at many world-renowned conferences and summits. Her Highness’s efforts have been recognized by many different bodies and publications, including Forbes magazine, which listed her among the top 100 most influential women in the Middle East, and she is a recipient of honorary Ph.D. in international relations from Geneva School of Diplomacy, Switzerland. In addition to her business activities, Her Highness supports a number of charitable foundations and continues to promote cultural dialogue and better understanding among nations.

LEO A. GIACOMETTO | Co-Founder & President

An International businessman with a very diverse background; having served in all branches of the US Government including at the Country, State and Federal level, as a former Country Magistrate, State Legislator, Federal US Marshal, State Secretary of Agriculture, Chief of Staff for a US Senator, and as a Member of the Northwest Power Planning Council. In the Corporate world he has served as a Corporate Executive for two publicly traded companies, Morrison-Knudsen and Washington Group International and as an advisor to many fortune 500 and startup companies such as, Expedia, AT&T, Siemens, Verisign, Cisco, Verizon, Google, Vonage, Microsoft, Intrado, Nextel, Riyada Group, ANDE, Accuspeech Mobile and the Silk Way Group to name a few. He is a Founding team member of Gage International, AVC Global, Pepsi Mongolia, GEMNET, G2 Analytics, Mongolia Aircraft Industries, Go Floaters and Is an Honorary Consulate for Mongolia. He is a graduate of the Montana Military Academy and served 24 years in the US Army, Guard, and Reserve retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

DAVID TODD | Co-Founder & CEO     

An entrepreneur with a 25-year track record of start-up and international executive experience and success in technology and all aspects of product and corporate development.  The founder of five start-ups, three of which were exited through merger or acquisition under his leadership. David initiated and led strategic partnerships and architected highly innovative co-product development initiatives of mission-critical technology at both platform and applications levels within the C-suite, SVP levels with AT&T, Microsoft, and Raytheon, for dozens of innovative applications and 3 mission-critical global scale platforms through multiple releases and millions of lines of code. He’s served in a variety of leadership and functional roles as CEO, Chief Product Development Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and EVP of Strategic Development, and board member. Experienced in private equity and M&A.  David did the foundational R&D, blockchain and thesis development for AVC Global in 2017-18.  

SERGEY TSVETKOV | Co-Founder and Senior Executive 

Is the Executive VP of Riyada Group, responsible for all Strategic Projects of Riyada Group and the Chief Executive for more than 20 companies of Riyada Group in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, China, Bolivia, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Korea to name a few in the fields of oil & gas services, pipe manufacturing, industrial construction, trading, IT & communications, etc. He is also the Manager of The Office for HH Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. 

SONG PAK | Senior Executive Advisor

Song is Executive Vice President of Operations and Deputy General Counsel at Revolution and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Revolution Growth, the Steve Case founded venture capital fund.  Prior to joining Revolution, Song was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Extend Health, Inc., operator of the country’s largest private Medicare insurance exchange.  Prior to that, she was Corporate Counsel and Compliance Officer for the Revolution Health Group.

Song’s career has also included private legal practice with the law firm DLA Piper, where she represented a variety of clients including high-technology and emerging growth companies in the areas of bioscience, software, hardware, and telecommunications as well as venture capital, private equity, and other investment funds.  Her practice focused on general corporate and securities law and included debt and equity offerings, venture capital and mezzanine financings, M&A, and investment fund formation.  Song is a frequent speaker on the use of private equity and venture capital as catalysts for economic development and has served as general counsel to the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds.

CIAN MONTGOMERY | Senior Blockchain Architect

Cian was Intel Corporation’s blockchain architect. Cian Montgomery is a Blockchain Architect & Subject Matter Expert with an extensive background in software architecture, design, and development.  Cian has a passion for creating software products that demonstrate distilled complexity and employ modern architecture and design principles. Cian was the Lead Architect at Intel on the Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain project. As part of this role, Cian provided guidance and technical leadership Sawtooth’s modular architecture including its Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) consensus model. In addition, Cian led several Blockchain-based Proof of Concept projects focused on Concert Ticketing and Supply Chain use cases.


As Director of Technology at LO3 Energy, Cian expanded the maturity and stature of the product development team through growing a team of 4 specialists into a cross-functional team of 20 seasoned product and technology professionals. Cian provided tactical leadership for LO3’s first Blockchain-based product launch; a transactive energy market that has now been deployed on 3 continents.  Cian’s extensive history in software architecture, design, and development has run the gamut of technologies and platforms.   Early on in Cian’s career he was part of several key computer graphics programs at Intel.  Most notably, the Shockwave 3d project partnered with Macromedia, the Intel 2700G XScale graphics co-processor driver team, and lead the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer team through its first 4 product releases.

BOB SCHLICHER | Chief Technology Officer

Bob is globally recognized as a preeminent technology expert. He was the Executive Program Director and Chief Architect of the US Government’s most sophisticated Big Data Analytics Project called FUSENET, which won multiple Significant Event awards because of its ground-breaking cybersecurity and big data analytics technologies. Bob emerged as one of the US Government’s leading scientists to develop technology important to defending the United States from state-sponsored cyber threats. Bob brings his hands-on cyber expertise along with a dream team of the world’s best technology scientists and software engineers experienced in the most important fields relevant to the future of blockchain, supply chains, and tokenized economies.
  Some other noteworthy accomplishments include being the technical lead for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Hypercube program.  He has been published in journals and has been awarded recent patents for inventions related to big data processing, algorithms, cyber sensors, and software technologies.  Bob was the president of EigenSoft - a software engineering firm specialized in artificial intelligence and data analytics. He co-invented SecureFusion technology, having pioneered several network discovery and anomaly detection algorithms for cybersecurity. Bob was a senior software consultant for IBM for automating risk assessments for insurance and securing bank financial transactions using rule-based and fuzzy-logic algorithms.

Recently in the private sector, Bob has been leading the development for securing cloud deployments with container, block-chain, counter-exfiltration, and (DLP) security technologies. He also designed and led the team for developing a unique block-chain authentication mechanism for security access and authorization, and architected and developed a next-generation smart digital vault for storing highly sensitive data including crypto-keys.  He enjoys coding in Python, Java, C++, C# and integrating with MongoDB, Lucene, and SQL databases.

NIELS SKJOLDAGER | Senior Technology Advisor   

Niels holds a M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management and has played a senior leadership role in the product development and deployment of over a dozen complex Internet and Cloud-based solutions, as well managed complex global programs within manufacturing and global supply chain technology across Agriculture distribution, ag-chem manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and more. Pioneered strategy and development of technology to support the delivery of business applications and bespoke applications in the cloud before it was called the cloud.


NATE DINIRO | Senior Blockchain & Product Advisor

An executive with nearly 30 years of experience in diverse roles and industries related to technology, and most recently in enterprise and government-scale application of distributed ledger technology. Nate currently advises several companies in the blockchain space and co-leads the Enterprise Blockchain Meetup in Portland, OR.  Nate Co-Chairs The Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group and consults for leading blockchain projects such as CoverUS, YouBase, L03 Energy, and others. Throughout his career, Nate has been a leader in projects and organizations that focus on open source software and technology, open standards, open government, as well as media & creative services, internet, health IT, and food industries. 


JIM HALLMARK | Senior Advisor Supply Chain Finance and Infrastructure Fund

A finance attorney and investment professional with 25+ years of experience working at the intersection of the public, private and non-profit sectors to mobilize private investment in emerging and frontier markets around the world. This experience includes work i) at a public investment fund structuring and managing blended finance transactions to develop infrastructure and other public services in Africa, Eurasia and Latin America, ii) as a finance attorney in private law firms representing investors and companies in U.S. and international equity & debt financings, mergers & acquisitions, and licensing arrangements, and iii) in co-founding the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) to support private equity & venture capital in Latin America.  Specific sector experience includes agribusiness, power, transportation & logistics, and water supply.


JOHN ROSE  |  Senior Financial Advisor

John is a numbers guy who prides himself as a catalyst in business growth for organizations that have a positive impact on our world. Currently, john is CFO of ANDE.  John is also a (currently non-active) Partner of AVL Growth Partners, a firm dedicated to helping great people scale great businesses via a new, highly efficient full-scale outsourced finance and accounting solution.  John has played a key role in driving ~4X growth in the Company during his tenure.  John has also served as the CFO for several of these clients in the technology, public safety, healthcare tech, and consumer goods verticals; during which time he’s led successful equity and debt fundraising efforts, deal structure/negotiations, scalable financial / accounting systems design, sales & operations planning. Prior, to AVL, John was the CFO of Boston, MA based Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt during which time the business grew from a true "Start-up" (a few friends in a 1 bedroom apartment) to a full-scale food operation with multiple branded products distributed in over 15,000 outlets around the country. The Company successfully exited in 2017.  Before Yasso, John worked as a venture capital investor with two different tech-focused Boston VC/PE firms (Brook Venture Partners and Overall Capital), during which time he was on small teams who completed 30+ financings totaling well over $100 mil, and sold several businesses.

Strategic Partner rfxcel Corporation

Founded in 2003, rfxcel is the first company to focus on the safety of the pharmaceutical supply chain and bring advanced track and trace software to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers. rfxcel’s mission is to be the thought leader in traceability technology and to enable customers to better manage their business today and deliver value tomorrow. rfxcel’s integrated track and trace software suite delivers better business outcomes and lowers supply chain costs. rfxcel is headquartered in the USA and has offices in the EU, Latin America, India, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region and Bahrain. www.rfxcel.com

Strategic Partner | Cox Group

The Cox Group, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a Strategic Transportation and Logistics Organization whose early focus was on the US Government / DoD Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSOI) process of deploying and redeploying forces. Cox Group still enjoys a robust business in the defense transportation arena. In the 5th year of operation, Cox Group’s restaurant, Big Texas BBQ and Waffle House SPC, has become a vertically integrated cornerstone for Cox Group’s entry into food importing and distribution. Couple this with Cox Logistics’ Senior Management team members’ experience supplying perishable items into Liberia during the Ebola outbreak, running UN Operations throughout Africa and conducting linehaul operations in and out of every US base in Iraq, Cox Logistics’ is poised to integrate new technologies along a global supply chain which is inundated with biohazards, pathogenic hazards and manmade hazards in austere locations. Radford Cox, the owner, during his tenure as a field grade officer in the US Army, was one of the architects of the Trans Arabian Network (TAN) currently being used to move US Government cargo throughout the CENTCOM Region. Cox Logistics’ is one of two Prime Defense Contractors holding the 5-year US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) TAN Contract. Cox Logistics’ is your Farm, (Pharm), to Table partner for security and assurances. www.coxlogisticsspc.com

About AVC Global

AVC Global, the parent company of MVC,  is an end-to-end technology-driven agriculture supply chain platform on a blockchain that by-passes multiple layers of supply chain and financial inefficiencies in buying and moving an agricultural product from the farm to the final use, reducing operational costs by as much as 50%. The AVC platform is an intelligent integration of cloud-based track and trace systems and Blockchain, using IoT sensors to validate Smart Contracts and cross border digital finance.  This creates the foundation for next-gen supply chain networks by reducing friction points, transcending inefficient processes, and financial intermediaries.  The AVC Global platform increases cash flow and revenue for all platform members. We "reinvest" into developing the sustainable value chain infrastructures required for a new generation of regenerative, supply, processing, logistics, and distribution ecosystems. AVC Global is headquartered in Washington D.C., with offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain. www.AVC.Global

About MVC

MVC stands for the "Medical Value Chain".  MVC, a Bahrain W.L.L. company, is all about ensuring product integrity and public safety throughout the pharmaceutical and medical supply chain. MVC is a strategic partnership between AVC Global, rfxcel corporation, and Sheikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa. The MVC Platform is the integration of the world's leading track and trace system with a blockchain, designed for government and industry customers in the GCC to become compliant with pharmaceutical track and trace regulations.  It also provides real-time product awareness at every stage in the supply chain from original manufacture, all the way to the inventory and locations of all pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, within a country. Real-time situational awareness across the medical supply chain is vital for preparedness and response as the world addresses the Coronavirus, "COVID-19". MVC's state-of-the-art track and trace platform is available on Amazon Web Services Bahrain. www.MVC.Global

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